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Sometimes builders and clients or subcontractors have job site disputes. The disputants can agree to go to mediation to resolve issues and continue the working relationship. I offer mediation at a reason rate and in efficient time frame. Sometimes it is useful to conduct the mediation on the job site and that is an option, if agreed to by the parties. I offer the “safe space “where the process is confidential and there is no on site confrontation or spur of the moment angry quick responses.

A private mediation can allow the parties with a quicker result than a civil court process that stalls the building process. My goal and commitment to parties facing those dilemmas is to help resolve their needs through the mediation process. The parties can agree to use mediation pre- litigation so that the disputants can make that determination that allows them to get back to work or reach an agreement to end the contractor /owner or contractor /sub contractor relationship there allowing the project to move forward. The mediator can facilitate this process; however, the parties are still in control of the ultimate resolution.

The mediation process can be used in any type of dispute whether the issues have been filed in court or not. The need for disputes to be resolved in a quiet space by parties that acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of the issues to get to a resolution is a better
way to resolve disputes.


Remote mediations via zoom have become part of my practice.
This process can be successful and an efficient method to resolve issues.

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