Construction Arbitration

The use of arbitration in construction disputes allows the parties, whether a contractor/property owner, or contractor/sub-contractor, the opportunity to utilize a bonding dispute process to efficiently and quickly resolve the issues.  The disputants can then either continue to work together after the issue is resolved, or move forward to complete the design or reconstruction project.

Using an independent arbitrator (ad hoc arbitration) allows the parties to manage the arbitration cost.  The AAA construction arbitration rules can still be used without incurring the cost of a 3 arbitrator panel.  This can be a significant cost reduction over the more formal arbitration process.

If your dispute involves issues such as:

  • Workmanship, Design, Quality
  • Building Code Compliance
  • Building Permit issues
  • Contractor or Subcontractor materials issues
  • Building inspection
  • Project Completion or Delays

then arbitration can assist in conflict resolution and get your project going again.  An arbitration award can mean parties can continue to work together or financial roadblocks can be removed, allowing property owners to hire new craftsmen or contractors to seek new projects.


Remote mediations via zoom have become part of my practice.
This process can be successful and an efficient method to resolve issues.

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