Family Mediation Fee Schedule

Jeff Kilgore, Mediator/Lawyer/Arbitrator

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Family Mediation Fee Schedule

The dynamic of open conversation is more important then a fear of the mediation fee in a family law case. I have decided to aid this conversation by reducing my fee for family cases to the schedule stated below. Other options are available upon request. I can offer a two hour mediation for 225.00 per part or a ¾ day for 725.00 per party.

For full day mediation, the mediation fee is $900.00 per party.  For a half-day session, the fee is $450.00.00 per party.  The mediation fee is due upon arrival at the mediation facility. As an option to benefit your clients, the mediation fee may be paid by Visa or Master Card prior to the start of the mediation session.  Debit cards and American Express are not offered at this time.

For purposes of the mediation fee, all parties represented by the same law firm or attorney are considered to be a single party.  A half-day session is defined as four hours or less; if half-day mediation extends past four hours, the charge is $112.50 per hour per party, pro-rated for periods of less than one hour.  The total mediation fee per party for a half-day session will never be more than the mediation fee per party for a full-day session.  A cancellation fee of 35% may be charged if the mediation is canceled within seven (7) days of the scheduled mediation. I reserve my time for mediation and a cancellation later than a week means my mediation services time cannot be filled by mediation on short notice. Mediations, may however, be rescheduled due to conflicts in the attorney’s docket schedules. The agreement to mediate is an agreement between the attorney and my office and it is the obligation of the attorney to pay or collect the cancellation fee, as I do not have a relationship with the individual parties.

The mediation fee includes administrative expenses incurred in arranging the mediation, use of the mediation facilities, the time for the actual mediation session, a working lunch, any extension into the evening hours, and the mediator’s incidental expenses such as photocopying, facsimile transmissions, postage, local telephone, and supplies.  Out-of-town mediation facilities and travel expenses may billed at additional cost. The mediation fee also includes conducting post-mediation follow up by telephone, e-mail or in writing.    

The normal starting time for mediation is 9:30 A.M.  Half- day mediation usually begins at 1:30 p.m. unless a morning session is requested. With the agreement of the parties, the mediation continues until successfully concluded or until the mediator determines that no further progress towards settlement can be achieved during that session and an impasse is called.

If more mediation time is needed, the parties may by agreement schedule a second meeting at the end of the first day’s session and the fee will be as stated above.  If the parties know in advance of the first session that more than one day will be required to complete the mediation successfully and accordingly schedule a second session, the full fee for all scheduled sessions is due and earned at the start of the first mediation session.


Remote mediations via zoom have become part of my practice.
This process can be successful and an efficient method to resolve issues.

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