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“In order to make mediation more efficient as of August 1 2018 I am offering a $50.00 reduction in my fee to both parties if the mediation can be held in one of the Attorney’s conference room/ rooms”

Jeff Kilgore, Mediator/Arbitrator
an attorney with 45 years of negotiation, arbitration and dispute resolution experience, invites your inquiries.

Jeff is available to answer your questions honestly and with integrity. With his combined knowledge and experience, he offers an environment where your disputes may be resolved in a timely and efficient manner. Your dispute can benefit from Dispute Resolution prior to trial or even prior filing litigation a case in court.

Whatever your situation may be, he facilitates disputants’ issues as an impartial dispute resolution professional providing a confidential forum so that the parties may reach an agreement. Jeff has mediated over 1,800 cases.

Lifetime Achievement Award


Jeffrey Kilgore - Mediator, Arbitrator

Jeff provides mediation services in all areas of civil law including:

Jeff also provides arbitration services in all areas of civil law including: