Jeff Kilgore’s Mediation and Arbitration Practice

“My philosophy is that parties and disputants desire to be more involved in the resolution of their issues and disputes.  By providing mediation and arbitration services, I allow them to be involved in the resolution of their issues in a safe space and offer an opportunity to discuss issues face to face with each other. 

As a mediator, I also help explore options while evaluating the risks of the litigation process and trial uncertainties.”

~Jeff Kilgore

Kilgore Mediation large conference room

The Jeff Kilgore Mediation and Arbitration Practice offers high quality, efficient, dispute resolution services by an impartial and neutral third party.  Jeff Kilgore Mediator/Lawyer/Arbitrator, through his experience, training, and understanding of dispute resolution, can offer mediation services and ad hoc (individual) arbitration services for disputants who desire a reasonable and fair resolution of their disputes and issues.


In an effort to facilitate the mediation process, Kilgore Mediation Services in Galveston, Texas and locations in the Clear Lake Area and Greenway Plaza Kilgore Mediation media roomwill provide, marker boards and easels with tablets and calculators and a fax machine for the use of the parties and their attorneys. An amortization program is also available to aid in the options that may be useful to the parties.

Coffee, soft drinks, water ice, and snacks are furnished and available throughout the mediation and lunch is provided with full day mediations and may be provided with half day at the option of the mediator.

Legal research online is also available if a legal position needs to be researched by a party.


 Please call or contact:
Jeff Kilgore at 409-939-6924

164 Bora Bora Drive
Galveston, Texas 77554